Chronicles of Our Shropshire Hills

Chronicles of Our Shropshire Hills

Farm workers at PlowdenBetween November 2010 and March 2013 we undertook a project, Chronicles of Our Shropshire Hills, which enriched the resources brought to BCHRC by the Local History Centre project.

Project activity included:

  • Producing Parish Profiles for Bishop’s Castle and surrounding parishes with details of research material held at BCHRC and Shropshire Archives
  • Working with up to seven parishes to identify local heritage material and extend their Parish Profile.
  • Recruiting Parish Champions from the surrounding parishes and offering BCHRC as a venue for a Parish Forum.
  • Identifying material at Shropshire Archives which was digitised and added to BCHRC’s Local History Centre resources
  • Publishing research projects led by local demand, and including The 1901 Project, using the 1901 census in Bishop’s Castle as a springboard and populating it with locally sourced material
  • Piloting a scheme to distribute archive boxes in Bishop’s Castle as a repository for past and current material on houses and their occupants
  • Digitising existing analogue reminiscence tapes produced by the RECALL group and transcribing selected tapes
  • Developing an education resource in collaboration with local schools using material from the Parish Profiles

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