Storing Heritage Items

Storing Heritage Items

Flat document storage

Artefact storage

Bishop’s Castle Heritage Resource Centre provides the community with secure museum standard storage. Shelf space within this large heritage repository is available for rent, providing depositors with a safe, controlled environment in which to store artefacts and documents. Depositors will be securing their heritage collections for the future and will also be making a significant contribution towards this unique community-based charity.

Who can use the store?

Private individuals, local community groups and government or commercial organisations can all store items at Bishop’s Castle Heritage Resource Centre. We are a voluntary body, so are not tied to local government boundaries and have no fixed geographical or historical limits. If your items have a local heritage connection we will consider them.

What will it cost?

Storage charges are calculated on a standard shelf (0.25 cubic metre volume), currently £20 per annum. Depositors taking up to half this space will incur the minimum charge - currently £10 per annum.

What is included?

You must provide an inventory of items with your deposit. We will assist you in preparing your items for store: documenting them; stabilising their condition; wrapping them for freezing (a pest control measure) then packing in acid free boxes for storage in the secure museum-standard store, or if you prefer we will do this for you.

You retain full ownership of your items, but we ask you to agree to making them available for public access, at the very least to individual researchers. With your agreement, we would like to use them (or reproductions) in public displays and educational materials we produce for use at BCHRC and other local venues.

The next step

To receive a Depositor's Pack or to register your interest, please contact us.