Artefact storage

Inspecting stored documents

Bishop’s Castle Heritage Resource Centre provides secure museum-standard storage for a wide range of local heritage items. The largest collection we have is the reserve collection of the House on Crutches Museum. This includes items of domestic and agricultural use, costume, toys, photographs and documents relating to trade and property.

Bishop’s Castle Town Council has lodged its papers and minute books in the store and local voluntary and other organisations are following suit, as well as several private individuals.

Historic property deeds (no longer of the legal significance that they once were) are finding their way to the store too. These yield a wealth of information about individuals and organisations in the town over the centuries.

Individuals are also finding the store a convenient and beneficial home for their personal memorabilia and collections - a means of securing them for the future and sharing them with others. Depositors can specify the level of access they will allow.

To find out more about depositing heritage items at Bishop's Castle Heritage Resource Centre, you can view our Depositor's Pack which can also be obtained in paper form from the centre.